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Alone in the dark, you think you hear

Something once dead, now alive, and near;

Hold your breath, hope you don't see

The ghouls, the spirits stalking thee.




This journey has the most thrills & scares & is not for the weak in spirit. This treacherous path will take you to places you never wanted to go. 30 acres of haunted woods await you...you'll just be hoping you're headed toward the exit...
if there is one.



Nazi. Zombie.

The year is 1945. Nazi SS have been experimenting with new strains of genetically engineered viruses at a secret facility with the intent to release biological warfare on the allies. A recent mission to bomb this facility was successful. However, there are reports that the virus was released though out the camp and has infected the Nazis making them flesh eating creature that cannot be killed with any known means. Allies have created a radioactive weapons grade serum ammunition to attempt to fight back these creature before they eat all of Europe. We need you.

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